Attention Australian Retailers: Going Social Is An ‘EmerGen-C’

To which generation does the connected customer belong? If you believe they are divided in groups according to age, think about it again. The connected customer is stretching demographics, as the difference between them and the ones from the past is the difference in technology development. Introducing Generation C (aka Gen-C), a concept discussed in an article by Brian Solis, having “C” representing “connectedness” and age symbolising just a number.

According to a study published by Nielsen, a global leader in measurement and information of what consumers watch and buy, 89% of Gen Y, 79% of Gen X and 72% of Baby Boomers have accounts on social sites across the world.

Gen-C is connected through different and combined platforms, from smartphones to tablets, embracing the digital lifestyle. It is worth taking the opportunity to mention that tablet computers more than doubled to 18% and forecast to reach 39% of Australian homes by 2013 – information released by the Nielsen Australian Online Report.

Nearly half of online Australians participate in social networking on at least a weekly basis. Still according to the report, close to half of all online Australians browse others’ social networking profiles with the same frequency. Close to one in four online Australians ‘Like’ a brand or organisation in that timeframe as well – by the way, this activity has increased to 57% from 46% in 2010. Also, one in five connect or interact with brands on social networks.

Another factor to be considered is that connected customers are multitaskers across their various screens. It is shown that six in ten online Australians have used Internet while watching TV and more than one third do it daily.

Back to the article published by Brian Solis, “fifty seven percent of smartphone and tablet owners checked email while watching a TV program and 44% visited a social networking site”.

The TV advertisements are not ignored by the connected audience either, as “19% of smarphone and tablet owners searched for product information and 16% looked up coupons or deals while the television was on”. The top websites Gen-C visits while watching TV are Faceook, Youtube, Zynga and Google Search. Twenty nine percent of mobile consumers use their phone for shopping related activities and more than 50% visit deal sites daily.

Most importantly: 27% of male and 22% of female consumers would use their mobile phone to make payments in restaurants and shops if they could.

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